Death Grip Releases New Fight Sequence

by Matthew Kelly
news130611-1picOne of the great things about writing for websites is the occasional perk of getting to go to conventions for free (or at the very least for the cost of a plane ticket and hotel room). The last two years I’ve attended San Diego Comic Con with the wonderful (they’re the best news site on the web, follow them on Twitter). Both years we were located next to Stunt People the team behind Death Grip.

As the name implies Stunt People is a group of stuntmen and women who have branched out to make movies of their own. They have been working on Death Grip for a few years and I’m excited that the film will finally be coming out just in time for Comic Con this year. In order to promote their June 30th premiere the team has released a new fight sequence clip to get you pumped up!

In Death Grip a lowly caterer Kenny tries to straighten up his life after gaining custody of his autistic brother Mark. While on a catering gig in the local museum Mark unwittingly entangles them in a dangerous heist involving the museums mysterious centerpiece and murderous satanic cult.

The film is premiering at the Historic Bal Theatre in San Leandro, CA on June 30th. Tickets are $10 and doors are at 6:30PM if you live in California you don’t want to miss this premiere so buy your tickets now

Death Grip is written, directed and starring Eric Jacobus and features Nathan Hoskins, Johnny Yong Bosch, Rebecca Ahn and Chelsea Steffensen

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