Contour Director Eric Jacobus Wishes to Put You in His Death Grip

By Todd Rigney

Although I loved Eric Jacobus’ 2006 martial arts flick “Contour”, I’d completely forgotten about the flick until I stumbled across a trailer for the filmmaker’s latest endeavor “Death Grip”. For a low-budget kung fu movie, “Contour” was severely badass, and I suspect that “Death Grip” will be no different. Judging from the trailer nestled below, Jacobus and company have improved their skills tenfold, and the fights look nothing short of spectacular. Keep your eyes locked on this one, as I suspect you’ll be hearing more about it in the future.

Before checking out the trailer, peruse this synopsis:

Death Grip tells the story of ex-thief turned lowly caterer Kenny Zemacus, who checks his autistic brother out of a care home where he’s spent the past 15 years since their mother’s death. When Kenny reluctantly brings Mark on a last minute museum catering gig that night, Mark unwittingly entangles them in a dangerous heist involving the museum’s mysterious showpiece — the silver Coin of Judas – and a murderous satanic cult, propelling them into the cult’s demonic world and forcing them to face the depths of their own dark past.

What’s even more impressive is that, in addition to tackling the lead role, Jacobus wrote, directed, and edited the feature himself. That’s insane. When you’re ready, take a peek at the impossibly fierce, action-packed trailer embedded below. Just don’t be surprised if you walk away with bruises all over your ocular cavities.


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