What’s in a Title? Rise and Fail or Death Grip?

by Kelly Miller

It was announced today that Rise and Fail would be, most likely, referred to as Death Grip once again. Here was their reasoning for going back to the original title:

While the change to “Rise And Fail” felt more appropriate for the film’s stronger story, we do agree that it can be a bit confusing in telling what kind of a film it actually is. Whereas the title Death Grip very clearly says, “this is an action film.” And in the end, story aside, we do want people to see this first and foremost as an action movie.

Personally, I’d pick Death Grip over the two choices, as I think it has a very “old school” vibe to it while still letting people know what type of movie it is. As stated, Rise and Fail takes a little more explanation, but doesn’t necessarily make it a worse title.

That being said, I’m curious what you guys think about the importance of a movie title. Would you prefer Death Grip or Rise and Fail?

What about movies like Danny the Dog, where the title was changed to Unleashed for US audiences? I always thought Danny the Dog was better, and that the original title should be what distributors stick to. Feel free to sound off on how important you think a movie’s title can be.

Source: Official Site Page


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