Rise and Fail Needs Your Help

by Kelly Miller

I know I wrote about Rise and Fail (formerly Death Grip) already, but I needed to address another issue.

It has recently been posted that the Rise and Fail production is running out of funding. Again, these guys are not a big production, and they are literally starving themselves to get the most out of the budget that they have. If you’ve seen any of the footage that’s been posted, you can tell that these guys know what they are doing.

Rise and Fail Teaser

However, the Stunt People aren’t simply trying to get money from you, you’ll get some cool perks in return. For example, a $30 dollar donation will net you a signed copy of the movie as well as a special thanks on the site. $100 bucks will get you a t-shirt as well as having your name listed in the credits for the film. There are several different levels of donations that can be given, and anything would be appreciated.

There would be no greater feeling than helping out a fellow indie film while getting rewarded for it in the process. If you can donate anything at all, I know the Stunt People and Rise and Fail crew would greatly appreciate it.

Pick your donation package by clicking on this link.


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