‘Death Grip’ Teaser Trailer

By Mark Pollard| Published August 2, 2011

A first look at The Stunt People’s upcoming indie actioner DEATH GRIP is now available in a new teaser trailer.

For those who still don’t know, The Stunt People, fronted by Eric Jacobus, are torchbearers for ’80s-era Hong Kong screen fighting when action stars like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Chin Siu-ho were in their prime. While modern mainstream filmmakers have moved on to excessive editing, wirework and CGI to produce their fight sequences, these guys are doing it old school.

DEATH GRIP, their second feature film looks to be ramping up production values while maintaining the same great fight work that made CONTOUR a cult hit within the martial arts movie fandom community. The addition of former Power Ranger and prolific voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch should get people excited. Bosch last made waves in the martial arts film world by starring in Koichi Sakamoto’s fight-filled indie actioner BROKEN PATH (2008).

After 15 years of estrangement, caterer Kenny Zemacus checks his idiot savant brother Mark out of a care home, promising to provide him with a better home. Assigned a last minute museum catering gig, Kenny reluctantly brings Mark along, who is immediately captivated by the museum’s showpiece – the world-renowned Sacred Coin of Judas. While cleaning up after the event, an elaborate heist unfolds around them to steal the Coin, and Mark’s childlike fascination unwittingly entangles the two brothers in the middle, pinning them with the crime.

Worried that contacting the authorities will result in social services permanently repossessing Mark, the two brothers must recover the Coin themselves to clear their names. When Mark is captured, Kenny must descend into the dark world of a murderous satanic cult to save his brother from their clutches and from the mysterious allure of the Coin itself. But both brothers are about the discover the true depths of the hell they must face to reach each other, and just how deadly the Coin’s grasp can be.

DEATH GRIP stars Eric Jacobus, Rebecca Ahn, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Nathan Hoskins.

The film is slated for release in 2012.

For more info visit the official site at www.deathgripmovie.com or The Stunt People’s official site at www.thestuntpeople.com.


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